• Donate an amount of your choosing.
  • The Market on Market (The MOM) is NourishNC's newest way to provide supplemental food assistance to food insecure children in New Hanover County! Children and families can now "shop" for the free groceries that are right for them! This "client-choice" model allows us to empower families to choose the food that fits their children's tastes, their dietary needs, and provide culturally-specific food items. Help us stock the shelves, the coolers, the freezers, AND the produce shelves by making a contribution today! The MOM helps us maximize your donation by reducing waste and allows families to select the foods they will use and leave the rest for the others!
  • Summer Break is no picnic for food-insecure children. Most children count down the days to vacation, but chronically hungry kids may anxiously count the numbers of meals they’ll miss when school is out. NourishNC fights Summer Hunger by providing the 1,200+ children we serve with nutritious meals, milk, juice, healthy snacks, frozen proteins (turkey, chicken, etc), bread, eggs, and loads of fresh produce for their entire break! In addition, our children and families can now have the option to choose the foods that are right for them by shopping in our Market on Market. It costs NourishNC $250 to feed each of the 1,200+ kids on the Backpack Program. Your donation of any amount will help provide full bellies all Summer long for our community’s most vulnerable children.
  • Become a monthly donor and support our kiddos year round! It’s quick and easy, takes your monthly giving off the To-Do list in a safe and secure way, and effectively combats hunger amongst our community’s kids. A $25 per month donation will provide a child with 2 full weeks of groceries including 3 real meals a day, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, eggs, meat, and lots of extra goodies!
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