• Donate an amount of your choosing.
  • Hunger doesn't take a vacation. For $50, you can sponsor a child to provide them with food during their spring break. Children on our Backpack Program will receive three nutritious meals a day, healthy snacks, milk, wheat bread, a frozen protein, and big bag of fresh produce for the entire break! We have over 1,400 kids on the Backpack Program and some are out of school for up to three weeks, so we need your support! Sponsor a child today!
  • Become a monthly donor and support our kiddos year round! It’s quick and easy, takes your monthly giving off the To-Do list in a safe and secure way, and effectively combats hunger amongst our community’s kids. A $25 per month donation will provide a child with 2 full weeks of groceries including 3 real meals a day, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, eggs, meat, and lots of extra goodies!


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