Donate in Memory of Dean Goodyear

Suggested Donation: $25.00

Thank you to Prestige Investing Group for organizing this donation drive in honor of Dean Goodyear. All donations will be used to support NourishNC’s mission to “Provide healthy food to hungry children, empowering them to succeed in the classroom and in their community.”



Minimum Donation: $1.00



Dean Goodyear was by far the most intelligent, most refreshingly kind, most overwhelmingly loving, and truly most gentle human beings that this world ever had the privilege of knowing.  We all know that he was a big guy but the truth is – his presence, his heart, and his impact on the people he crossed paths with was even bigger. He had this way about him that even if you only knew him for a brief moment, he had this long lasting effect on you. He was so spiritual and in-tune with things of this world that not many people can understand and most don’t even notice. He just got it all somehow, and he went about his life with such grace and such joy that it was contagious to those around him. Dean always had a positive, hard-working attitude in everything that he did – from his work to his film projects he worked on with his friends, from new career goals to winning the love of his life’s heart (and he sure was persistent on that one). He always knew how to make people smile and laugh when they really needed it with his silly faces, exceptional voices and impressions, and positive reinforcement. He always knew what to say, he always knew when you needed one of those bear hugs, or when you needed a pick me up like hearing him talk about his love for the Grease soundtrack. Out of all the stories told by his loved ones – not one of them was bad, not a single one of them was even remotely negative – but instead, they were all happy, loving, true, and deep. He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful soul and he really did love us all so very much. This community we have in town wouldn’t be what it is without Dean. To know him, was to love him, and we are all feeling this loss as a big family.

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