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A Farmer’s MarKID event!

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Our mobile “Farmers MarKID” is a direct and hands on approach to improving the health of children in our community. We take free fresh fruits and vegetables to wherever kids need us: food deserts, parks, playgrounds, after school programs, high need schools, and other nonprofits.

At the MarKID children receive “Nourish Bucks” and “shop” for produce just like you would at a regular farmer’s market. In front of each produce item is a taste of that produce and kid friendly information on why it is healthy and good for you. The MarKID is designed to be transactional and educational for kids. It also designed so the family has something to cook in the home. After children have “paid” for their produce it is bagged up with a healthy recipe booklet for the parents to use in the home.

We have partnerships in place with community organizations and other nonprofits to bring in multiple forms of education and exercise to enhance the MarKID experience. We typically add activities to the MarKID such as yoga for kids, bounce houses, arts & crafts, fire and police presence, health related activities and classes, etc.


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