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    ** The Raffle Entry has ended. We appreciate your support! The winner will be announced shortly!**

    Thanks to the Hunger Heroes at Widespread Panic and 98.3 The Penguin, they are donating a pair of tickets to help us raise money for our kiddos! Now is your chance to score tickets to Widespread Panic AND feed hungry kids!

    Enter our raffle to win TWO tickets to ANY night of Widespread Panic at the brand new Riverfront Park on July 16th, 17th, and 18th.

    Each entry is $5, but don't wait, we'll draw for the winner on July 13th at noon! Enter as many times as you like to up your chances of winning! The winner will be notified by email and text. It costs NourishNC $135 to feed a child over the summer. Your support of any amount will help provide full bellies all Summer long for our community’s most vulnerable children. So let's help ensure each and every one of the 1,300 kids on the Backpack Program has a Summer Break with a stocked pantry and a full belly!
  • Accelerate your impact by donating a weekend Backpack and Accellacare will donate one too! Our friends at Accellacare (formerly PMG-Research) are at it again! They are helping match all Backpack donations - up to 1,250 Backpacks!! Will you fill a kid's Backpack (and belly) this weekend and help us get the full match from Accellacare? You can provide a child with 8 meals, snacks, juice or milk, and fresh produce for a weekend! Each bag is strategically packed with kid-approved, dietician-reviewed meals, and snacks. The bag is black so other children cannot see what is inside and it is placed in the child's backpack while they are out of the classroom. Many kids themselves do not realize they are on the Backpack Program, let alone their classmates.
  • Give over 1,100 kids on our BackPack Program the gift of a Happy, Healthy Holiday Break from school! This grocery box provides three nutritious meals a day and snacks with pantry staples like cereal, milk, pasta & pasta sauce, soups, ravioli, mac & cheese, canned veggies, and more PLUS fresh produce, a loaf of bread, and meat for the entire holiday break! This year, we're excited to offer our families cookie kits as well so that they can enjoy the holiday tradition of cookie making and decorating!
  • Thanksgiving Dinner For a Child

    This Thanksgiving we are once again providing every child on our Backpack Program with a delicious and healthy Take-and-Bake Thanksgiving dinner for their family! Enjoying a meal with loved ones makes for the best kind of eating and our community’s children deserve the best. For just $25, your donation will provide a child and their family with a nutritious Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings! The Take-and-Bake Menu includes a 12-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cream of mushroom soup, green beans, cornbread mix, apple sauce, apples, sweet potatoes, onions, and carrots. All items will be packed in a foil pan and come with recipes for the family to prepare together!
  • Donate a Custom Amount

    Suggested Donation: $35.00
    Donate an amount of your choosing.
  • Make a Monthly Donation

    Suggested Donation: $25.00 / month
    Become a monthly donor and support our kiddos year round! It’s quick and easy, takes your monthly giving off the To-Do list in a safe and secure way, and effectively combats hunger amongst our community’s kids. A $25 per month donation will provide a child with 2 full weeks of groceries including 3 real meals a day, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, eggs, meat, and lots of extra goodies!
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