Success Stories

“The [NourishNC Backpack] Program has quickly become a model of a best practice.”

– A funder

“An amazing organization that is truly making a difference in our community!
You can tell the staff have hearts for helping these kids.”

– A Volunteer

What School Personnel Are Saying

“We are able to see energy levels, alertness, behavior and academics improve within the school setting”

Thank you so much for being there for our community!  Your program is amazing!

Wow!  So many kiddos had more meaningful holidays because of your efforts!  Many, many thanks!

“This is WONDERFUL!  Thank you for all you do to feed hungry kids!!!”

“Wow!  This is amazing!  What an incredible resource for our kiddos!”

“We are super grateful for all you guys do for our families!”

What Our Kids Are Saying

I like getting the food bags every week. I feel full and don’t worry about food.

I’m happy to get the bag because sometimes we don’t have food at the house.

I feel really happy when I get my food bag because I really enjoy it.  Thank you! :-)

I am excited when I get my food bag.  I like getting my bag on Thursday.  My tummy feels good.

I love getting the food bag because it helps my family and my mom and or family.  All of the food we get makes me feel special.

I enjoy getting the food bags.  They help to keep my tummy full.  I always feel Happy when I get my bag..

It makes me feel excited and proud.  I love getting it.

I feel appreciated and like someone actually cares about me and my family.

I like the food.  It taste good.  My mom likes to cook the food.  It keeps us healthy.

It helps us when my mom doesn’t have anything else to cook.

I like getting the food because I like to eat.

I look forward to getting this food.  It helps me to have this food because we move to different relative homes on the weekends.

I like the food because it is good.  I would be mad if I did not get this food because I am hungry when I get home.

The food helps us on the weekends.  We do not have a lot of food at home.

What Our Parents Are Saying

“The Backpack Program has been a tremendous help giving my children the fuel they need to focus in school, and take the stress off of where the next meal is coming from.”

We are self employed and work is not always steady.  There have been days that (Son’s name) have always had his 3 meals a day but in small portions and I could see the disappointment in his eyes that he couldn’t have more or seconds.  It leaves a heavy heart in my chest to feel like I can’t provide all he wants.  He gets all he needs but often wants more.  But since the BackPack Program has been involved the number of days where (son’s name) is unsatisfied is ZERO.  Thank you with all my heart to everyone involved.  It makes me feel like a better parent!

Thank you for making my family’s dinner happen.  Words could never fully express what it means to us.  You guys are an absolute blessing and let many great things happen for you.

I am a grandmother raising three grandsons and the backpack program has been a tremendous help to me.  They enjoy getting the snacks and the can goods.  I especially enjoy the fact that there are a lot of healthy choices that the boys like.  Thankyou to everyone who contributes to the program. This is one grandparent who appreciates all that you do.

It has been a God Send for me and my Children.  The fact that it is kept confidential so that my children are not picked on means so very much.  It touches the entire family and it provides for a diverse group of folks.  I so very much appreciate this program and all that it does for my family.

Being a single mother of 3 has been very hard.  The Backpack Program has kep us strong and able to unite as one at mealtime.  We are very grateful for the support we get.  I cannot begin to thank the providers from the Backpack Program enough.  Without you my family would go hungry.

The Backpack has helped my children/family so much.  I’m a single mom and it’s hard to keep up with groceries on weekends, holidays and summertime.  We really appreciate all that you guys do to help out.  I hope that people like you continue this program because for single parents like myself it’s a burden off trying to provide snacks and normal grocery in our home.  Thank you & God bless you all!

I would like to say that has not only helped us but has change our lives.  (Child’s name) is now more happy and we are all thankful of what you do .  Thank you!

The program has been very good to my family and helped us a lot.  Kids are very happy and respect what the program does for them.  People should be very happy for this program.  I know we are.

On behalf of the children and I, We just want to say thank you for all that you have done.  This program have truly blessed my family.  Some days we were short on some food especially towards the end of the month, or even during the summer.  It help so much being such a big family.  Thank you!

It really helped my children with the types of foods that a child needs when they are hungry.

At Christmas of our family was extremely discouraged by the lack of food within our home.  At our very first food pick up, The Nourish Backpack program provided us with several large boxes of food!  We were extremely surprised and very emotional as well!  Thank you for being such a blessing to us!