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Survey Data

How Our Kids Feel

like receiving the bag each week
like most of the food in the bag
feel happy, excited, or proud when they receive the bag

“I like getting the food bags every week. I feel full and don’t worry about food.”

“It makes me feel excited and proud. It helps my family really good.”

“I think my mom and dad should win a prize because they work really hard to take care of me.”

What Our Parents Say

“Being a single mother of 3 has been very hard. The Backpack Program has kept us strong and able to unite as one at meal time. We are very grateful for the support we get…Without you my family would go hungry.”

“The Backpack Program has been a tremendous help giving my children the fuel they need to focus in school, and take the stress off of where the next meal is coming from.”

“You have made a huge difference in my son’s life.”

report that NourishNC has improved their child’s health
report that NourishNC has helped their child do better in school
report that it would be difficult to feed their child over the weekend without NourishNC

What NHC School Family Counselors & Social Workers Report

believe the Backpack Program is effective, very effective or extremely effective
believe that students (K-5) are not embarrassed by being on the program

School personnel reported the following improvements in our children’s well-being,
by category (multiple answers were allowed):

• Increased Alertness, (36%)
• Improved Behavior (36%)
• Improved Attendance (36%)
• Improved Health (29%)
• Increased Academic Performance (21%)
• Increased Energy Level (21%)

“I support NourishNC because it makes a huge difference in the lives of our neediest families.”

“Children, parents, and teachers are all complimentary of the program. Many children ask me about their food bag. To many of our children it is always on their minds.”

“Who can do homework when they’re hungry?”

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