Steve McCrossan, Executive Director

Did you know that research studies on developing a COVID-19 vaccine are happening right here in Wilmington!? That’s right, our friends at PMG-Research are actively working on many different studies, including COVID-19. But making a profound global impact isn’t enough for the folks at PMG-Research, they also want to make their community a better place. With that in mind, they decided to donate to NourishNC every time someone signed up for a vaccine trial. That idea went viral (I know, I’ll stop with the bad puns) and the PMG-Research team presented NourishNC with a $10,000 check to help feed our kids!

PMG’s Dr. Kevin Cannon told me that, “While advancing medicine on a global scale is important to us, we want to ensure that those in our own community are taken care of and that children have healthy meal options.”

Dr. Kevin Cannon and the PMG-Research team are passionate about being able to provide a vaccine to protect our community and provide a treatment option through a research study for those that have tested positive for COVID-19. As I toured the facility, Dr. Cannon expressed to me how proud he was of his team of “homegrown talent.” That team had high energy about them that is hard to come by 7 months into a pandemic.

PMG’s passion and drive might just change the world. It’s already changed Wilmington. Kindness is contagious. Pass it on like the PMG team.

Learn more about PMG-Research of Wilmington Here.