What Are NourishNC’s Plans for When Students Return to School?


Steve McCrossan, Executive Director In short? Keep going. Ok, you asked, so here is the much longer version: Continue to Operate Our No Contact Food Distribution Drive-Thru We opened the drive-thru for kids on our Backpack Program on March 17 and never stopped. Moving forward, the drive-thru will open 2-3 times per month and will [...]

From Forgotten Buffet to Vital Blessing


Steve McCrossan, Executive Director Did you know that NourishNC owns the old China King buffet on Market Street? It’s true! This past winter we took out a loan and purchased the 2-acre lot and the crumbling restaurant slouching upon it. You see, our vision to be “anywhere and everywhere” our kids need food is being [...]

I Must Do Better


NourishNC stands in solidarity with those seeking justice for George Floyd and the countless other black and brown people who have faced systemic violence for far too long. But the reality is, these are just words, well-meaning, but meaningless without action. NourishNC, and I as a white leader, must do better than pen well-meaning words [...]

COVID-19 Guest Blog: Impacts on the LatinX Community


Author: Amanda Boomershine UNC Wilmington Latino Alliance For the first time in over a century, the entire world is faced with a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, including almost 1,000 here in North Carolina. This deadly virus has far-reaching impacts for everyone, including impacts on your health, education, well-being, and daily life. [...]

COVID-19 Guest Blog: Maintaining Support Without Physical Classrooms


Author: Sarah Brinson School Social Worker, New Hanover County Schools As the days have turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into months, School Social Workers throughout the county have been working hard to overcome a number of unique challenges we never thought we’d have to face. For all of us, our work in schools [...]

COVID-19 Guest Blog: Hope Over Fear, Always. An Intern’s Perspective.


Author: Rebecca Porter NourishNC's Programs Intern As a senior student trying to wrap up college and graduate this May at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, a lot of theoretical scenarios have been running through my mind. Will I be living alone in an unfamiliar city starting a new job or will I be staying in Wilmington post-college? Will I be financially stable? Will my lifestyle [...]

COVID-19 Guest Blog: What’s It Like to Be a School Social Worker During A Pandemic?


Author: Sarah Pearce School Social Worker, New Hanover County Schools "What's it like to be a school social worker during the pandemic?"  I have received this question from friends and family many times since school closed mid-March. The answer is far from simple, and involves an understanding of what a school social worker does when there [...]

COVID-19: What Challenges Is NourishNC Facing?


Steve McCrossan, Executive Director We've had a lot of people ask, so we want to answer: What challenges is NourishNC facing? Thankfully, we were relatively prepared for this. Early on, we stocked up on food and supplies, took multiple trainings related to COVID-19, and discussed the lessons learned from previous disasters (like Florence). We are [...]

NourishNC Prepares for COVID-19 Response


Steve McCrossan, Executive Director For weeks now, NourishNC has been planning, procuring, and preparing to respond to the possibility of schools in New Hanover County closing due to COVID-19. First and foremost, we have notified our partners in the schools that we are here to help them and their students in any way that they [...]