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Why NourishNC? Why Now?

For 12 years, NourishNC’s mission has been to feed the 1 in 5 children right here in New Hanover County who struggle with hunger. We specialize in putting high quality, nutritious food in those kids’ bellies so they can succeed in the classroom, their community, and see better health outcomes as they move into adulthood. We currently feed thousands of kids annually – across several award-winning and innovative programs right here where we call home. NourishNC is best known for the Backpack Program which feeds hungry, school-aged children every weekend and during all school breaks when free school meals are not available. Check out “What We Do”  to learn more about our other programs that provide food for chronically ill children right inside their pediatrician’s offices and vulnerable toddlers right in their homes.

Our vision is to be “anywhere and everywhere” our kids need us, but we are limited by our current location. It’s too small, deteriorating, and doesn’t meet our needs and vision for growth. As a result, we lack enough storage for fresh food, suffer from inefficient workflow, and cannot offer our kids the very best services and highest quality food that will help them succeed. We are literally running out of room and running out of time. Our lease is up in 2022.

Owning a “forever home” is a part of NourishNC’s promise to guarantee every hungry child in our community has access to nutritious food now and in perpetuity. Our new home is also centrally located for the children we serve, their families, and our army of volunteers. Your support of our new home will allow us to double our fresh food storage and nearly triple our non-perishable storage. Our new home will also have a space for families and children in need to choose the food that is right for them. This “client choice” model allows families to shop together and choose what they need the most. It also saves donor dollars by eliminating waste! Your investment will translate into maximized efficiency, higher family satisfaction, and most importantly, full bellies and big smiles on our kids’ faces.

The best thing about our new home – WE ARE ALREADY USING IT. NourishNC brought the lessons we learned from responding to Hurricane Florence – adaptability, ingenuity, and speed, to bear in the fight against hunger exacerbated by COVID-19. Just 3 days after schools closed due to COVID-19, NourishNC opened our no-contact grocery drive-thru at our new location. We haven’t even begun renovations yet and we’ve already used it to provide hundreds of thousands of meals to children whose families are struggling during this pandemic. Imagine what we can do with a home that is designed just for us!

You are not just investing in bricks and mortar. You’re investing in our community’s children. Your contribution will ensure a community of happy and healthy children who can succeed where a rumbling tummy once stopped them. Over the past decade, we’ve nourished a generation of children. Will you help us nourish the generations to come?