Thank You for stepping up for our kids! You were there for us through a global pandemic and the longest food lines I have ever
seen. Thank You. With your help, we provided hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals to children and their families right here in
our community. Despite the challenges, we stayed true to our vision to be “anywhere and everywhere” hungry kids need us. We fed
kids at our grocery drive-thru, at vaccine events, in church and school parking lots, in the classroom, at other nonprofits and
community centers, in the heart of their neighborhoods, in their homes, and in their doctor’s offices. Thank You for making this

To be honest, I struggled with what to write next, but then I looked up at the bulletin board above my desk where I keep lile
reminders about the work we do. I wish you could see the photo of three kids with huge, radiant smiles, holding up a full “take and
bake” Thanksgiving dinner which was delivered right to their home. Or hear two young children leaning out of the car window
and gleefully screaming “strawberries” when they noticed them at our drive thru. Or read the note from the child who wrote us
that “getting the food boxes feels like we won the lottery.” Or the note from a school social worker that wrote “you guys have
stood with us during some challenging times with Hurricane Florence and COVID. Thank you!”

These mementos show that your support of NourishNC does more than feed kids – it nurtures the minds, bodies, and spirits of our
community’s most valuable, yet vulnerable, asset. Thank you for standing with NourishNC and the children we serve.
Let’s continue to do great things together.


Steve McCrossan


Executive Director


P.S. Feel free to contact me at for a tour or just to chat.