Join Us For Date Night: Do Good With The One Love

Grab your sweetheart, partner, bestie, or whoever you'd like to take on a fun date night and #DoGoodWithTheOneYouLove! Your ticket will buy both you and your date a night full of fun! We'll have live music by the great Jared Michael Cline, drinks, games, raffle prizes, appetizers, and, of course - an [...]

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Spread The Love

  February is Spread the Love month at NourishNC! We'll be sharing lots of short videos demonstrating the myriad of ways our supporters Spread the Love in our community. We also want to know “How will YOU Spread the Love?" and encourage you to share videos. There are so many ways to do this, so get [...]

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What Can We Do When the Only Grocery Store Burns Down? Part 1. A Call to Action.

Steve McCrossan, Executive Director As you may know, the Everybody’s IGA grocery store, a church, and several businesses on Greenfield St. were recently destroyed in a fire. Since then, there have been lots of questions about this neighborhood becoming a food desert, what the future holds for the destroyed plaza, and a lot of “what can we [...]

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Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health

Steve McCrossan, Executive Director NourishNC is thrilled to partner with New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) in “Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health.”  As part of its strategic emphasis on becoming a national leader in health equity, NHRMC launched its Health Equity Program. Health equity refers to the social reality that not all patients have [...]

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Reverse Trick-or-Treat…

Bring Our Kids Something Good to EAT! By Kellie Furr, Program Director Thursday, October 26th 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. 601 Greenfield St. Wilmington, NC 28401 Admission: 1 Bag of Food from our Most Wanted List Pre-Registration is required. Click Reverse Trick-or-Treat to sign up! We Won’t Let Hunger Haunt Our Kids this Halloween! We’re hosting the [...]

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You Were Amazing in 2016!!!

  Forget all that talk about how bad 2016 was. NourishNC crushed 2016! We have been, and continue to be, successful because of your willingness to act on behalf of hungry children in our community. It takes a village of volunteers, donors, school personnel, partner organizations, nonprofits, and other supporters to feed 709 children in [...]

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7 Tips & Tricks to Add Impact to Your Food Drive

This article, “Stop Donating Canned Goods to Food Drives…” has been making the rounds on social media this week. We have received several requests for NourishNC to comment on this article so here we go…. First, let’s start with a philosophy that we believe should drive all giving. The best thing a nonprofit can do [...]

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Awesome Kid-Centric Nonprofits That You Should Support!

Do you want to ensure that our community has strong, happy, healthy children? Do you want to support nonprofits that do this work every day? Well then, check out this list of kid-centric organizations that would love to have you on their team this holiday season and beyond. This is by no means a comprehensive [...]

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Hunger Heroes!

by Steve McCrossan, Executive Director NourishNC is proud to announce our 2016 “Hunger Hero” nominees. A Hunger Hero is a courageous member of our community who uses their superpowers to battle our arch nemesis: child hunger. These nine Heroes will compete in a social media driven contest to see who can raise the [...]

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